About Us


Our name "Kuviez", pronounced "Kuv" like COVers and "iez" like EASy is changing the way we make our beds and cover our children.

Feel free to contact me at:  info (at) kuviez (dot) com if you have any questions.

My newborn daughter, Daisy, my 4 year old son , Max, and my desperate need for sleep,  inspired the Creation of Kuviez Button Up! Bedding. 

Max’s nightly wakeup calls coupled with Daisy’s nighttime feedings were depleting me of my much needed rest!  Desperate to help Max sleep through the night,  i began searching for solutions.  One morning the obvious jumped out at me!  Max’s sheets were so messy and untucked, i realized he was losing his covers, awaking  as a result and naturally coming to me for nighttime comfort.  I tested this theory, loosely fastening his covering together the next night.  Eurika!  He slept through the night for the first time and for the many nights to follow.  

Developing Kuviez, while being a full time mom and wife, takes a lot of time, perserverence  and patience.  Luckily, i found Tamara Monosoff's Book, The Mom Inventors Handbook.   She guided  me step by step on how to bring a product to market. If you are a mom and have an idea that helps solve a daily problem, i encourage you to pick up Tamara’s Book, The Mom Inventors Handbook, 2nd edition.   It’s everything you need to know to bring your product to market!  Thanks Tamara! 

Once moms try Kuviez, they won’t go back to regular sheets! Honest.